Can I watch Digital Theatre on my TV?

Customers who have been with us for some time may remember that we used to have an app for Samsung Smart TVs. While this is no longer the case, there are still ways for you to be able to watch our productions on your TV.

This can be done via your computer, or through your mobile devices with a little help from some extra technology.

If you have a laptop or PC, you can buy a little device called a ChromeCast for about £30/$35. It's made by Google and allows for wireless streaming/screen mirroring to your TV . It just plugs in via the HDMI port, and can receive data from your computer, tablet, smart phone or laptop. For more information on how to configure this on your PC, please see this article. To access it on a mobile device, search for the Chromecast app in the relevant appstore and follow the instructions on screen.
Note: There is a single fee associated with this option, and we in no way expect our customers to buy the device in order to watch our productions. It is nothing more than friendly advice from a sociable tech team. 

Your other, cheaper option is to connect your computer or laptop via HDMI lead. While rely on a physical cable, most of you will have a HDMI lead in the house already if you have a DVD or Bluray player. If you aren't sure how to connect via HDMI, there's a really comprehensive video on YouTube here: youtube/s532CgZNrMg


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    Victoria Trow

    I'm rather disappointed with this information. I'd assumed it would have an app for the TV. I hope this will happen eventually. We don't have a laptop...

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