Why can't I access the Digital Theatre website for consumers?

If you are attempting to log into our website but keep Education platform Digital Theatre Plus, this will be because you may have used your email address to trial our institutional service. Please attempt to clear your cookies or use another browser to get access. You can also use the link

If this doesn’t work and you are still only able to access DT+, please let us know as we will be able to delete your old account and prevent our site from trying to be overly helpful. Having an account on DT+ will also prevent you from subscribing to our consumer service and will cause an error message to appear stating that your account email address is already in use.

In this instance, we will delete the account for you as mentioned above. Just get in contact using the widget below or by emailing and we'll  be in touch. 

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    Simon Marsh

    It would be nice if you bothered to get back to the people you’ve wronged! I can see I am not the only one. You are quick enough to take money when you shouldn’t have. All I want it a refund and I can be free of you. It’s been over a week and not the slightest response.

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