How to Set Up ChromeCast

Chromecast can be used with your TV to mirror a PC/Mac screen; bringing the Digital Theatre online player to the big screen.

To beam a PC or Mac screen to the television you will need a Chromecast HDMI dongle, Wi-Fi connection and Chrome browser with the 'Cast' add-on.

Set Up: 

1. Ensure the Chromcast dongle is inserted into the HDMI input on your TV.

2. Ensure both TV/Chromecast and PC are on the same wireless network, and the TV is on. 

3. Open Chrome browser on PC/Mac (Chrome can be downloaded here:

4. Within Chrome, navigate to 

5. Click 'Add Cast' to install the browser add-on. 

6. There should now be new icon next to the navigation bar in Chrome.

7. Click the 'Cast' icon, and then 'OK' to display list of devices. 

8. Your TV or 'Living Room' should be displayed. Click on it to cast your screen there.

Now that your PC/Mac is mirrored, you can use the full-screen function on playback to watch Digital Theatre on your TV.

Note: The playback functions are still controlled by the master device; in this instance, the PC/Mac you have 'cast' from.

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