Why do I get a message saying my production is no longer available on iOS?

Unfortunately, we occasionally have to take some productions down from our website and remove them from sale. Customers who have previously purchased them are still able to watch via our website or Desktop Player, as the content is still in your library. 

However, the production will no longer be available for users via their iOS app. This is actually due to the terms and conditions of iTunes, forbidding us from providing content via our app that is no longer available for sale. This is still true for those who have bought the production via the iTunes app in the first place.

If you see the image above, please try and watch your production via one of our other available methods.

If you are unable to watch via a computer however, and purchased the play via iTunes specifically for watching via iTunes, you can contact iTunes and request a refund. This can be done by visiting the following website:  


The list of current productions that are no longer sold include: 

  • Merrily We Roll Along
  • Kafka's Monkey 
  • Parlour Song
  • The Container 
  • The Merry Wives of Windsor (Shakespeare's Globe)
  • Henry IV, Part One (Shakespeare's Globe)
  • Henry IV, Part Two (Shakespeare's Globe)
  • Henry VIII (Shakespeare's Globe)
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