I've created two Digital Theatre accounts...Can I combine them?

This isn’t something that our customers can do themselves, but if you contact our support team with both email addresses that you have signed up with, and let us know which account you wish to continue using we can do it for you.

Typically, we will deactivate the account you no longer wish to use, and then apply any valid rentals or subscriptions from that account to the one that you wish to continue using. That way, you don’t have to pay for your productions twice.

You can contact our support team by emailing

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    Simon Marsh

    It would be nice if you bothered to get back to the people you’ve wronged! I can see I am not the only one. You are quick enough to take money when you shouldn’t have. All I want it a refund and I can be free of you. It’s been over a week and not the slightest response.

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