Samsung Smart TVs are no longer supported

Unfortunately there are a few known problems with the Samsung Smart-TV application, though we are working to resolve the issue by looking into rebuilding app from the ground up. Samsung's updates over the last year have rendered our app almost completely incompatible with their SmartTVs, and very few users are lucky enough to be able to use it.

As such, support for the app was withdrawn in February 2016 and the app was removed from the Samsung store.

At present, we do not have an estimation of how long it will take to restore functionality as we are in the planning process to do so. Please keep an eye on our e-correspondence for updates however, as we will announce future plans for available productions and platforms for viewing said productions here:

There are a few ways to get around the app not working however. If you have a laptop or PC, you can buy a little device called a ChromeCast. It's made by Google and allows for wireless streaming/screen mirroring to your TV . It just plugs in via the HDMI port, and can receive data from your computer, tablet, smart phone or laptop. For more information on how to configure this on your PC, please see this article. To access it on a mobile device, search for the chromecast app in the relevant appstore. 
Note: There is a single fee associated with this option, and we in no way expect our customers to buy the device in order to watch our productions. It is nothing more than friendly advice from a sociable tech team. 

Your other, cheaper option is to connect via HDMI from a laptop/computer. Unlike chromecast, this will enable you to play downloaded versions of files and mean you don't have to rely on internet streaming. If you aren't sure how to connect via HDMI, there's a really comprehensive video on YouTube here: youtube/s532CgZNrMg

Even though we are now no longer partnered with Samsung, your purchased productions are also still available for viewing on your PC, iPad or on our website. Please check this link for more details:

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    David Briggs

    It's a shame this information is hidden away in the support section, rather than highlighted on the website - which still blithely refers to Samsung TVs as a valid way of watching.

    I've tried the laptop-TV streaming with Mirror for Samsung TV and it's useless. The video is so jerky it's impossible to watch. I refuse to use Chrome because I am a Mac user and it is known to cause all sorts of other problems.

    Using a cable is possible but is hardly convenient. I suggest Digital Theatre come clean and simply tell website users that it doesn't work.

    Meanwhile, I want my my money back.




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