I need a refund, how do I go about it?

If you would like to request a refund, please contact or use the widget on screen. In your message to us, please clearly state your digital theatre username, the product you wish to refund and why. 

In most cases, we are happy to offer a refund if you are not able to watch the production you have purchased or have been charged twice for the same product. Please note however, the decision to refund anything outside of a technical fault 7 days after purchase is solely at the discretion of the Customer Services Manager for Digital Theatre. 

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    Lucy Driver

    Ithere are productions I paid for?   Can I have a refund?  Is this now a subscription only rather than pay per title?  

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    Stephen Brown

    I was incorrectly charged for a subscription. It was cancelled the same day. However, I have not been refunded. Please assist.

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    Hello I've just noticed on my bank statement that I have been charged monthly installments of £9.99 for using digital theatre, I had on idea this was still being taken, and as you can problem tell I have never watched any productions for your site.I emailed you during my trial period to say I could not view any productions for whatever reason, and to inform you I wasn't happy to continue subscribing for the service to which I don't think you replied.because this has been initially payed on my credit card which is only used minimally it's not a statement I check frequently,and as you can imagine my dismay to notice regular monthly payments have been continued to be deducted.I write to request a full refund as I've never used this service and have no intention of doing so in the near future.I would be grateful for a swift reply and decision on this matter. Many thanks, kind regards Stuart Tipping

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